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  • What does the future of the auto industry look like?

    Today, the likes of tuning boxes and car performance chips are enjoying their time in the spotlight - particularly as they are relatively easy and cheap car performance upgrades. However, the future of the auto industry is starting to look ‘techy’. When it comes to automotive industry news, tech giants, Google and Apple are dominating. The two heavyweights have been attempting to get their foot in the door of the car industry news for some time, and 2018/19 might just be when they do it.

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  • Every common tuning box question answered

    When it comes to car modifications, car engine tuning is up there with the biggest and best. The process of altering the ECU signal to inject more fuel into the cylinders is popular - especially as you are guaranteed more torque and power. However, when it comes to the best diesel tuning box and chips for petrol vehicles, there’s a whole load of misleading information available.

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  • Aftermarket modifications that will increase your car’s value

    Once you’ve got the car you’ve been researching, test driving and dreaming of - you can start thinking about making it your own. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time in your vehicle, so you might as well increase the power, body kit and the like. While the aftermarket car parts industry is booming, and can significantly increase the look of your car; some aftermarket products can reduce the value.

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  • The good, the bad and the ugly of car modifications

    People have been modifying their cars for decades. Essentially, a car is a blank canvas - enabling you to look into car modifications, such as engine tuning, with ease. But, when easy car mods go bad, they go really bad… While it’s only natural you want your car to stand out, extremely cheap car mods and poorly chosen car parts can have the opposite effect. If you really want to enhance power, improve performance and, basically, make your car go faster - we’re sharing the good car modifications - as well as the bad - worth your time and money.

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  • How car tuning can improve your holidays

    For those travelling abroad with their vehicles this year, you’d be surprised how much car tuning can substantially improve the journey. If you do happen to be heading on a ferry or driving to another country while towing a large load, car tuning an help you get there in better shape (and with more power). Not only can you increase the torque, but the fuel efficiency and even driving experience. With that in mind - and the last of the hot weather on the way - we’re sharing how a tuning box can vastly enhance your summer trip.

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  • Car modifications: the dos and don’ts of upgrades

    When you’re looking for a new car, you want the best. If you don’t have the best, you can make it the best with some nifty car performance upgrades. However, there’s a wrong and right way to do almost everything - and that includes car modifications. Whether you want to enhance the power or update the exterior - car modifications require patience and skill. There’s a wealth of information on car performance upgrades, as well as a load of car modifications shops to consider. With that in mind, we’re sharing the dos and don’ts of upgrading your car.

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  • The best new cars to watch out for in 2019

    Next year is being tipped as the revolution for the car industry. The first-ever 3D printed car is set to make its debut in 2019, along with plenty of other big sellers. With the best cars of 2018 in full swing and dominating the asphalt, we’re looking at the auto trends and best new cars to get you ahead of the game. Here are the vehicles to watch out for in 2019…

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  • The beginner’s guide to car performance upgrades

    Once you’ve got your car, it’s only the start of the fun. Modifying cars has been popular ever since the car was invented, and it’s certainly not stopping now (Bluespark are testament to that). Today, there’s a huge number of car performance upgrades and cheap car mods available on the market today. The increase in ‘cheap’ car mods and the likes has turned us all into vehicle designers, and that’s no bad thing… For those that are just starting out and looking for the easiest and best car mods, we’ve pulled together a list you can follow.

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  • What are the auto trends to look out for in 2018/19?

    It’s 2018, and the world of vehicles and car trends have taken massive leaps. In 2018, not only have we seen groundbreaking advances in auto trends, but Elon Musk even sent a Tesla to Mars… Admittedly, the car went slightly off-road and is now veering in space, but still - it’s been a big year for auto news. The automotive industry is one such sector that is in an odd position this year. Not only is the auto industry facing decline for the first time in many years, but is also on the cusp of extremely profitable advances. As such, we’re taking a look at the car trends you need to watch out for.

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  • The world’s greatest supercars of 2018 (and all time)

    When it comes to power and performance, these high-powered cars have a lot to give. Manufacturers have, and are, continually pushing the limit to top each other, with supercars capable of seriously impressive speeds. Production supercars have come a long way since the 60s and the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, capable of reaching 165 mph. Back then, that was, essentially, a rocket…

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