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What can a tuning box do for my car?

When it comes to improving power, there are several routes you can take. One of the more popular due to the easy installation and removal are tuning boxes. Performance chips, such as car tuning boxes, can vastly increase power and torque, meaning you’ve got a lot more throttle when you put your foot down. However, there are many factors to consider before looking into performance chip tuning, including costs, warranty and effects. As such, we’re sharing all you need to know about car engine tuning and what it actually means for your car.

Are tuning boxes all the same?

When you buy or lease a car, you expect the engine to be optimally mapped prior to the sale. While manufacturers do invest a great deal of time into ensuring the ECU is performing at the best level, they do have to adhere and produce vehicles that comply with various legislation regarding emissions and other such parameters. Enter, performance chips. Essentially, performance chip tuning allows you to liberate and alter performance, in a safe manner.


When it comes to car engine tuning, not all boxes are the same. While they do offer the same end result - enhanced torque and, subsequently, power - car engine tuning boxes are available on a model basis. For instance, you can select your vehicle on this page, click the model and then read up on the performance chip tuning box for your car.

While we do hear a lot on diesel tuning boxes, it’s important to note that tuning chips for petrol cars are available and can even offer significant improvement. Over the past year, we have experienced a 379% increase in petrol units. These figures also suggest more people are turning to tuning boxes ahead of car remapping, leaving your warranty vulnerable should you have the car on a lease contract.

Are tuning boxes safe?

We touched on the overall effects of a car engine tuning box, but one question that pops up a lot is: are tuning boxes safe? Yes, in one short answer. There is absolutely no danger when installing a tuning box from a reputable manufacturer. However, we do recommend you do your research when looking into boxes, as there are some ‘cheap knock-offs’ available on the internet. Check for testimonials and tuning box reviews before purchasing, and be wary of those companies that do not share testimonials.

It’s possible to tell a ‘bad’ job on performance chips - particularly if there is excess smoke. Tuning boxes work by ‘fooling’ the ECU into injecting more fuel into the cylinders. However, if not properly installed, too much fuel will be injected, resulting in a huge amount of soot. This soot could also cause more damage to the longevity of your engine.

Similarly, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear and a shorter engine life with a tuning box. The box is only a temporary car modification, with your vehicle returning to ‘normal’ should your lease contract end, for example.

Better fuel efficiency

A common misconception is that car engine tuning can lead to a massive increase in fuel and cost. However, a high-quality performance chip can actually improve fuel efficiency, along with enhancing power and torque. The box controls the boost pressure and fuel delivery, enhancing efficiency.

Improvements in driving experience

When it comes to better fuel efficiency, driving experience will also improve. Tuning chips allow for better power and, as such, vastly improve all aspects of the vehicle. Many tuning boxes can even compete with the engines of sports cars.

Most popular models for tuning boxes

Performance chip tuning is hugely popular in the automotive industry - especially when it comes to Audi and BMW models.

Audi tuning boxes can offer 40% more power and even 35% more torque when installed correctly - which you can even do yourself. Audi tuning boxes can also deliver maximum performance, as they utilise as much extra potential in your engine. Likewise, the tuning boxes are designed for cars with standard service intervals.

Similarly, BMW tuning boxes are another major player - especially when compared with BMW car remapping. The results are the same with the Audi tuning boxes, and also offer easy installation. In fact, the BMW tuning boxes can be installed within 10 minutes, and is traceless once removed.

If you would like to discuss your options, and the particular tuning boxes for your vehicles, you can contact our team today.