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The good, the bad and the ugly of car modifications

People have been modifying their cars for decades. Essentially, a car is a blank canvas - enabling you to look into car modifications, such as engine tuning, with ease. But, when easy car mods go bad, they go really bad… While it’s only natural you want your car to stand out, extremely cheap car mods and poorly chosen car parts can have the opposite effect. If you really want to enhance power, improve performance and, basically, make your car go faster - we’re sharing the good car modifications - as well as the bad - worth your time and money.

Good car mods

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your car, there’s a lot to consider. However, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth…


Car tuning

Engine tuning is one of the greatest places to start - especially if you want to unleash the full potential of your vehicle. Engine mods are available for a huge number of diesel and petrol cars. Likewise, it’s not only the VW Golfs, Fords and Peugeots of the world that get the engine tuning help. You can modify the likes of BMWs, Audis, Mercedes and even your Maserati. Essentially, car tuning is one of our easy car mods, heightening the performance of your car to the next spec in the range.

Car tuning allows you to unlock and help the engine perform at its very best level. We’re talking enhanced power, more torque, better throttle response and even increased fuel economy and efficiency with engine tuning. As you are altering the ECU software before it injects fuel into the cylinder - encouraging it to release more - it means fewer revs. Therefore, you are not burning through the petrol or diesel. Plus, this is one of our top cheap car mods to boot. You can update and improve your car - rivalling the next model up - with a few hundred. Basically, it can save you thousands. Car tuning and engine tuning with boxes is also an untraceable and temporary measure, unlike car remapping which can void your warranty.


Don’t ever scrimp in your tyres. A good set of high-quality tyres will improve all aspects of driving, much like engine mods. The experience of getting behind the wheel is significantly improved with a good set of wheels; from better accelerating to braking to cornering. For those who live in a particularly cold area with a long winter, you won’t go far wrong to have two sets of tyres: one for the winter and another set for summer.

High-temperature brake pads

If you are modifying your car for any kind of sporty driving, you need to look at your brakes. The chances are that your brakes are not quite up to the job, which can affect how you drive. While not one of our cheap car mods, you can get quality brake pads that will help with shorter, more consistent stops when racing.

Headlight tinting

Headlight tinting is completely legal, and practical when done correctly. It may not be one of the easiest car mods, but this custom touch is becoming increasingly popular. While we are not recommending you completely block out the light from your headlights, this a car body styling option that looks impressive. Applying film to the cover not only looks good but prevents fading and chips if you have to cover long distances.  It is a relatively cheap car mod, and can be installed yourself or by a local supplier in a couple of minutes.

Window tints

Window tints are easy car mods, and cheap car mods to boot. In fact, window tints are one of the biggest car customisations of the decade. Tinting the windows adds serious style to any vehicle, but also boasts functions for blocking UV light, reducing heat in the car, increasing privacy and even security. Window tints are relatively easy and there are DIY tints available online, with some vinyl material not as expensive as wrap vinyl. However, always make sure you go to a reputable supplier and get a proper quote for the job.

Interior lighting

When it comes to cars, we spend a lot of time driving them; you might as well make the interior look good. Interior lighting kits can add some serious visuals to your car, and is well worth your time and money. You can update the interior styling of your car in a few, easy steps - and you don’t have to dig too far in the budget either.

car mods

Racing seats and harnesses

Interior car modifications are hugely popular, and none more so than good racing seats and harnesses. You’ve probably never realised how much effort you put into keeping your body in place when you hit the brakes - particularly if you are racing. Secure and durable racing seats can prove extremely supportive, helping to enhance steering, braking and accelerating.


When it comes to making your car sound more aggressive, there are a number of routes you can take for car modifications. A simple measure, and one of our picks for cheap car mods, is to remove the factory-fitted muffler and replace it with one designed to improve the sound of your car. Exhaust tips can also be replaced to increase the sound coming through your car. However, keep in mind that a louder exhaust doesn’t mean a faster car… and you need to choose the right sound for your vehicle.


Undercar neon lights are one of the more popular options for car modifications, and continue to prove massive in the auto industry. However, if you consider putting neons under your car, you need to err on the side of caution. Make sure the tubing is not on show as this is illegal. Likewise, ensure they are not too bright to distract oncoming vehicles.

Bad car mods

Hand in hand with good and easy car mods come the bad car modifications…

Enormous spoilers

Spoilers do serve a purpose and increase downforce and reduce lifts at higher speeds, enhancing the handling and driving experience. However, there’s a time and a place for a spoiler… We’ve seen more than enough of our fair share of huge spoilers attached to the back of the likes of a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Think carefully before adding a spoiler.

Unnecessarily low cars

Your car shouldn’t prove a liability when driving over speed bumps and slightly uneven terrain, and unnecessarily low body kits will turn your vehicle into just that. There’s no reason to have your Ford Focus lying mere inches above the road…

Unnecessarily raised cars

Speaking of low body kits, the same works for raised cars. We understand the pull of driving a monster truck, but it’s not exactly practical - particularly when attempting to fit in most standard garages or car parks.

Rolling coal exhausts

For those unfamiliar with rolling coal exhausts, smokestacks or modified exhausts are used to blow loads of smoke from their vehicles. This dense cloud of smoke is at odds with the auto industry - particularly as they attempt to move towards the electric vehicle movement. Essentially, don’t do it.


If you have a lease vehicle, think twice about permanent engine tuning due to car remapping. While car remapping is still cheaper than upgrading your car to the next model and does enhance power, the vehicle is forever changed. With a tuning box, the car can return back to standard - especially if you are looking for a new model with the manufacturer. However, car remapping will void your warranty and cost more long-term.

Ultimately, there is a whole world of good and cheap car mods, as well as the bad. Before you modify your car, do your research and speak to experts. If you would like to discuss engine tuning, you can get in touch with our team or read more on our car tuning products.