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Is buying a modified car worth it?


Modified cars can often be a huge benefit to their owners - particularly if the car modification improves torque performance and fuel economy. Likewise, it also means you don’t have to add any car modifications yourself, which can save a lot of time and money. However, you do need to consider a number of factors when looking into performance parts for cars and whether you should buy a modified car. Modifications can affect the overall cost, but also the reliability, raw performance and value.

Advantages of buying a modified car

Performance parts for cars can substantially enhance the driving experience, handling and power of your vehicle. The one main benefit to car tuning and looking into the services for car modification companies is that they’ll improve the speed and torque performance. Internal car modifications - such as engine tuning - will rarely have a negative effect on the car’s value. When properly installed, they can provide years of decent driving and even improve your fuel economy, meaning you save plenty of money on fuel. Add to that, these aftermarket modifications will have been done without you doing it yourself, saving you the hassle and money.

The same can be said for certain types of car styling, such as tinted windows and all-weather tyres. Modified vehicles stand out massively from the crowd and are well worth looking into - especially if you are considering updating your car once you’ve got it. If you can save yourself the hassle, it’s well worth the investment.

Add to that, there are plenty of car modification shops available, which can also provide advice and guides on the existing aftermarket mods.

Factors to consider

When it comes to buying modified cars, you need to consider particular factors. These are some of the factors to look into when researching performance parts for cars:

Are the modifications of good quality?

You need to know all about the vehicle modifications before you by the car, and the brands they have used to improve torque performance and the like. Look for trusted car modification companies and brands in the industry to ensure the highest quality.

In some instances, cheap tuning boxes can, in fact, often be just wires and make no difference to your overall power and torque performance. Therefore, you need to know what it is your buying before making the decision.

Are the mods fitted properly?

Just like buying a standard car, you need to check the quality and the reliability of the performance parts for cars. Test the quality of the workmanship and where possible, request the evidence of the modifications. If they’ve installed a modification that doesn’t fit properly, it could cost lasting damage to your vehicle. If you are unsure, there are car modification companies you can speak to.

What is the car like beyond the modifications?

Some drivers do, specifically, modify their car for racing and to compete in tournaments. In some cases, they may neglect other aspects of the car that do not relate to speed, power or torque performance. You need to make sure you check the entire car - not just the mods - and get a full-service history.

Does it increase the value?

There are some aftermarket car parts modifications that can substantially boost the car’s value. Updating your tyres and even purchasing ones that are all-weather can seriously improve driving experience and, subsequently, the value. Likewise, extra locking and security mechanisms, as well as increased audio and even engine tuning, can boost the car value. However, there are some mods that can reduce the value, which you might want to consider if you intend on selling on the car eventually.

Temporary car modifications

If you are looking to sell your modified car in the future, it might be worthwhile going down the temporary performance parts for cars route. The likes of engine tuning boxes are temporary, yet fit to the standard of your vehicle. They can improve torque and power by upwards of 40% and vastly enhance your experience, as well as fuel economy due to a better throttle response. Plus, you can also remove this car modification before you sell the car if you believe it will impact the vehicle’s value. Doing so will have absolutely no lasting effect on the car, and it will return back to standard once removed.

Temporary car mods, as opposed to permanent aftermarket car mods, will not, likely, void your insurance. They only alter the ECU signal temporarily, with no lasting effects or traces that the car has been modified.

Modified car insurance

If you are buying a car that has been permanently remapped or boasts another permanent aftermarket modification, you need to consider your insurance policies. For instance, modified cars that have a lower chassis are more vulnerable to speed bumps and kerbs, meaning the likelihood of repair is higher than with a ‘standard’ vehicle. Likewise, if your car has been modified to race, insurers believe that this substantially increases the chance of the vehicle being in an accident, adding more to your policy.

If you updated your car’s interior or styling, this may mean it is more attractive to thieves. In that case, there may be more of a chance of the car being involved in an accident.

If you are concerned, speak to any car modifications companies or shops and seek advice on the mods. For those trying to sell their car and considering aftermarket modifications, temporary car mods may be the way to go to increase your value.