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How to take your car performance to a new level

For some, the car that rolls off the assembly line just doesn’t deliver on speed. That never-ending quest for the top speed is something most of us can’t shake. However, the big question is where to start with your car performance. Every make and model will have different engine performance capabilities and require specific modifications. Luckily, we’re going through the ins and outs of improving car performance and the aftermarket car parts that will significantly increase speed.


What determines car performance?

Your car’s speed is determined by a number of factors, such as electronic car parts, weight, energy efficiency and performance. However, the two most important factors you can use to improve engine performance is air and fuel. Both of these factors are critical for propelling your vehicle and the more air and fuel, the more power you can get to the engine. Therefore, a lot of performance car parts and aftermarket modifications relate to air and fuel.

With that in mind, we’re sharing our car tuning and styling tips to take the performance of your car to the very next level. In fact, you can improve the car performance of your vehicle so much, it’s comparable to the next model in the range.

Engine tuning

When it comes to engine performance, engine tuning will unleash the potential of your car. With the right engine tuning, you can get up to 40% more power and 35% more torque. Essentially, that’s huge improvements to your engine.

Engine tuning works by interfering with the ECU and altering the signal to the fuel cylinders. Basically, you can double engine performance with engine tuning as it encourages the ECU to pump more fuel into the cylinders. Once you’ve got more fuel, you’ve got more power.

Tuning boxes are impressive performance car parts - particularly as they are only a temporary engine modification. Unlike remapping, you won’t affect the car should you remove the car tuning box. You can also get the aftermarket car parts a lot cheaper than you would pay for complete car remapping. Likewise, the engine tuning can be done specifically to your model, providing the necessary power to improve your engine.

Another major advantage to improving car performance with engine tuning is that you can do it yourself. Follow the instructions with the tuning box, or watch online guides, to install the box in under 10 minutes.

Air intake

The temperature of the air can affect your car performance. Generally, a car regulates the temperature as the air gets in through the engine, providing warm air when the engine is cold and cold air for when the engine is warm. However, if you would like to see increased engine performance, a cold air intake kit is an essential aftermarket car part.

The cold air intake kit allows your engine to take in more air, bringing cool air into the internal combustion engine. Air intake kits are relatively cheap when it comes to performance car parts, and also can improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage to boot.

Air filters

Aftermarket air filters allow for more airflow to the engine and efficient use of the air/fuel combination. Similarly, upgrading your air filters can help to block out any other impurities that can contribute to the degradation of car performance, costing more in the long-run. Similar to the above, you can upgrade your air filters well within your budget and notice signs of car performance improvement immediately.


Upgrading the exhaust is one of the more popular car tuning and styling modifications. When you upgrade your exhaust, you ease the flow of the exhaust and reduce the restriction to the engine, improving engine performance. Almost all cars come with restrictive exhaust systems, generally to cut down on noise levels, but to also reduce power for economy and reliability. Therefore, it is not uncommon to gain a load more car power with a full exhaust system.

Another tip before opting for this performance car parts modification is to check the local sound ordinances before upgrading the exhaust to make your car extra loud.


A supercharger is another one of the aftermarket car parts that can vastly improve speed. Superchargers are powered mechanically via a belt or chain from the crankshaft and pressurise the air intake to above the typical level, increasing the airflow to the engine. Subsequently, you’ve got more power and a whole load more speed. However, it’s important to note that superchargers don’t, generally, come as cheap as the other aftermarket car parts, so it’s worth doing your research before opting for this car modification.

Spark plugs

If you have a petrol car, it might do you well to change your spark plugs. Modern cars do still have spark plugs and you need to ensure they are maintained properly for your engine to run smoothly. A faulty spark plug can reduce the engine power and also see you spending more on petrol in the long-term. As a general rule of thumb, most spark plugs should last 60,000 miles or more, but they need to be checked around the 30,000 mark. If you do need to change them, you can do so with basic tools and little experience.

Weight reduction

The less your car weighs, the faster it will go; the basics of physics. While this solution is low-tech it can be quite labour intensive - particularly if you are serious about substantially reducing your vehicle’s weight to improve car performance. When it comes to this performance car parts tip, you could change your rims to a better performing, lighter model. Likewise, swap the seats or remove seats you don’t use. There are plenty of other factors to eliminate and reduce weight, but you need to weigh up your options before doing so.


Quality tyres can make a load of difference to the driving experience and overall car performance. If you do opt to change your tyres, go for a set that can handle all weathers and keep them properly inflated. Keep them in top shape as the better grip from the tyres means increased performance and, as such, higher speeds.

All car tuning and styling modifications are general suggestions and, what you might prefer, others won’t. Make sure you do your research before installing any modifications to increase engine performance to avoid any potential damage to your car.