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How car tuning can improve your holidays

For those travelling abroad with their vehicles this year, you’d be surprised how much car tuning can substantially improve the journey. If you do happen to be heading on a ferry or driving to another country while towing a large load, car tuning an help you get there in better shape (and with more power). Not only can you increase the torque, but the fuel efficiency and even driving experience. With that in mind - and the last of the hot weather on the way - we’re sharing how a tuning box can vastly enhance your summer trip.

car tuning

Increased power

It goes without saying that one of the main advantages to your car tuning box is the power. When it comes to power, there’s nothing that can compare to the effects of car tuning. Essentially, you’ve got a whole load of throttle when you put your foot down on the motorway. The car tuning box works by injecting more fuel into the cylinders by ‘tricking’ the engine control unit. Basically, you have the power of a 90s Ferrari in the form of a Ford… The tuning box then works by enhancing the torque and power, but on a temporary basis. If you choose to remove the tuning box, the car returns to spec.

With that increased power comes a better driving experience; the reason car tuning is one of the more popular car performance upgrades. As the tuning chips enhance power, other aspects of driving are, subsequently, improved. The engine is even on a par with some sports cars once tuned… However, we do suggest you research your car modifications shops as a bad tuning box can have the opposite effect. For instance, bad car tuning can damage your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and lead to it failing prematurely, which will add substantial costs to your trip. The last thing you need is to break down on your holidays, so always use reputable suppliers and car modifications shops.

Ability to tow larger vehicles/caravans

This is one for those that enjoy caravan holidays throughout the year. A tuning box enhances the power under the bonnet, meaning you can tow a larger caravan. If you happen to have changed caravan and opted for a larger model, but the car is no longer doing the job - opt for a diesel tuning box or petrol tuning box. As mentioned above, the engine control unit (ECU) calculates how much fuel is required through the map tables, airflow, engine speed and the required torque to boost. When the ECU injects more fuel, it transforms the car and enhances the ability to drive and tow larger loads. So, if you’ve got a new caravan and think you might need to hire a car, you don’t. Speak to car modifications shops or do your research online as to the best tuning boxes for your vehicle.

If you only require the car tuning on a temporary basis, a petrol tuning box or diesel tuning box is ideal. Once back from your journey, you can remove the box and the car will return to standard.

Fuel efficiency

Another major plus for car tuning is the fuel efficiency. If you are travelling long distances, you don’t want to be spending over the odds on your fuel. While you are injecting more fuel into the cylinders, you are not burning through it. The tuning box is designed to control the boost pressure and fuel delivery, thus meaning better fuel efficiency. A high-quality performance chip can significantly reduce costs and even enhance the model. Not only does it rival sports car engines, but it is untraceable and relatively low cost. Add to that, you can install the tuning box yourself before you head off on holiday and you’ve got a winner.

Ultimately, car performance upgrades can not only improve the appearance and sound of your vehicle, but the actual longevity. You don’t have to worry about changing your car if you need to tow a larger vehicle, a tuning box will do the trick. And, if you use a reputable manufacturer, there’s absolutely no danger of the tuner chips damaging your car.

If you’d like to know more about tuning boxes and car performance upgrades, get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, select your car model and see what car modifications are available.