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Greatest misconceptions about car modifications

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles. This handy contraption gets us conveniently from one place to another, so it’s no surprise we treat them like our family, offering the best possible maintenance and car modifications. In fact, it’s relatively common for petrolheads to look for various methods to improve vehicle performance with car modifications. Hand in hand with that, however, are a load of misconceptions that could sway your final decision.

Some car modification myths are since obsolete due to technological advancements, and others are about as true as Scotland’s Nessy… As such, we’re doing our bit to dispel these rumours and offer you the best solution for enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

Tuning boxes are illegal

No, they are not. The UK law states that modifications can be made to a car that can improve vehicle safety, technical culture and invention. Car tuner parts do not cross the border into illegal practices and can even enable your car to become more efficient. For instance, a diesel power tuning box can help to improve consumption and leaves no trace when removed.

Tuning boxes increase fuel consumption

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This is another misconception surrounding the ECU and the factory settings. As the ECU is tricked into injecting more fuel in the cylinders, you can be forgiven for thinking it may then increase fuel consumptions. However, when car tuner parts - such as the box - are installed properly, you will get more torque and power but, likely, less fuel consumption.

Tuning boxes void your warranty

Many car enthusiasts are hesitant to install a petrol or diesel chip tuning box as they believe it may void their warranty. With the leasing car industry only growing, it’s relatively easy to understand the worries. If you leave the tuning box installed while visiting a dealer then you may well have warranty issues. However, the pro of a turbo tuning box is that they are, essentially, untraceable. They do not permanently alter the ECU, but just the signal to the ECU. The tuning box is installed separately and can be done by professionals or yourself, and removed whenever. Once you do remove the car tuner parts, the vehicle will return to standard.

Tuner car parts can shorten engine life

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There’s a common misconception that more power means more stress on the engine and more wear and tear. While a diesel or petrol tuning box will increase power and even turbocharger boost pressure, it doesn’t mean that’s the end of the engine. Far from it. The car tuning box will only serve to enhance the engine’s performance, reverting back to normal once the box is removed.

Car remapping won't void the warranty

For cars in manufacturer’s warranty generally, car remapping is very likely to void your warranty. As opposed to a car tuning box, car remapping actually alters the ECU into increasing vehicle performance. The ECU is thus permanently changed, affecting your warranty when returning the car back to the dealer, for instance.

Lowering suspension is better

It’s not just diesel tuning and turbo tuning that has its misconceptions… A popular car modification is to lower the vehicle’s suspension. There are many reasons to do so, such as to improve the appearance and lower the centre of gravity, which could potentially enhance its handling. However, lowering suspension can mean the springs will be stiffer. Similarly, there are many kits available today that do the job poorly. If you are thinking of lowering suspension, we suggest speaking to professionals and getting their advice, as not all models are the same. Whilst a lower, stiffer car may handle better on a smooth racetrack, our roads often couldn’t be further from this.

Bigger wheels increase speed

For the most part, bigger wheels don’t necessarily mean an increase in speed. In fact, bigger wheels can often have the opposite effect. Bigger wheels are heavier, require extra acceleration and fuel.

The engine is stronger than the breaks

This is, most definitely, not true. The brakes are almost always stronger than the engine. Even if you happen to be driving the fastest car in the world, the brakes will stop you faster than you can accelerate. Most cars manufactured today will stop throttle immediately when you slam on both pedals.

Red cars cost more to insure

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This is one of the more unique misconceptions about cars, and one that we can tell you is, categorically, not true. Typically, red is synonymous with sporty cars and the like, so you can see where this myth came from. However, whether, red, black, blue or even bright yellow - the colour will not affect your insurance. That, we can promise.

Old cars are better

This myth is subject to opinion. Some car enthusiasts prefer the good old days; others enjoy the technological advancements of today. There are many cons to driving older cars, such as poorer comfort, and in general considerably worse safety.
Ultimately, car modifications - when installed correctly - should not impact the longevity of your vehicle. Alternatively, you can read more on our tuning box products here.