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Diesel Tuning Boxes

  • Everything you need to know about warranty and insurance for modified cars

    When it comes to getting modified car parts, you may be wondering about insurance and your warranty. While it’s commonly believed that all performance tuners for cars and other modifications void your warranty and cause your premiums to dramatically increase, this isn’t always the case. Today, there are a number of modified car parts that will not affect your premiums or warranty - particularly if they are temporary exterior and interior car mods.

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  • How to take your car performance to a new level

    For some, the car that rolls off the assembly line just doesn’t deliver on speed. That never-ending quest for the top speed is something most of us can’t shake. However, the big question is where to start with your car performance. Every make and model will have different engine performance capabilities and require specific modifications. Luckily, we’re going through the ins and outs of improving car performance and the aftermarket car parts that will significantly increase speed.

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  • Every common tuning box question answered

    When it comes to car modifications, car engine tuning is up there with the biggest and best. The process of altering the ECU signal to inject more fuel into the cylinders is popular - especially as you are guaranteed more torque and power. However, when it comes to the best diesel tuning box and chips for petrol vehicles, there’s a whole load of misleading information available.

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  • Car modifications: the dos and don’ts of upgrades

    When you’re looking for a new car, you want the best. If you don’t have the best, you can make it the best with some nifty car performance upgrades. However, there’s a wrong and right way to do almost everything - and that includes car modifications. Whether you want to enhance the power or update the exterior - car modifications require patience and skill. There’s a wealth of information on car performance upgrades, as well as a load of car modifications shops to consider. With that in mind, we’re sharing the dos and don’ts of upgrading your car.

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  • The beginner’s guide to car performance upgrades

    Once you’ve got your car, it’s only the start of the fun. Modifying cars has been popular ever since the car was invented, and it’s certainly not stopping now (Bluespark are testament to that). Today, there’s a huge number of car performance upgrades and cheap car mods available on the market today. The increase in ‘cheap’ car mods and the likes has turned us all into vehicle designers, and that’s no bad thing… For those that are just starting out and looking for the easiest and best car mods, we’ve pulled together a list you can follow.

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  • What can a tuning box do for my car?

    When it comes to improving power, there are several routes you can take. One of the more popular due to the easy installation and removal are tuning boxes. Performance chips, such as car tuning boxes, can vastly increase power and torque, meaning you’ve got a lot more throttle when you put your foot down. However, there are many factors to consider before looking into performance chip tuning, including costs, warranty and effects. As such, we’re sharing all you need to know about car engine tuning and what it actually means for your car.

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  • The future isn’t dark for diesel engines


    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all doom and gloom for those with diesel cars. While the fuel may have experienced a number of blows over the years, the future is looking bright - particularly with efficient newer models and the ability to increase torque with tuning boxes. Continue reading

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