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Car modifications: the dos and don’ts of upgrades

When you’re looking for a new car, you want the best. If you don’t have the best, you can make it the best with some nifty car performance upgrades. However, there’s a wrong and right way to do almost everything - and that includes car modifications. Whether you want to enhance the power or update the exterior - car modifications require patience and skill. There’s a wealth of information on car performance upgrades, as well as a load of car modifications shops to consider. With that in mind, we’re sharing the dos and don’ts of upgrading your car.


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Know your car

Before you look into car modifications shops and the like, you need to know your car. Understand it’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses so you don’t modify the vehicle and cause further damage down the line. While you are getting to know the car, look for areas you can improve performance and handling. For instance, you can massively increase torque and, subsequently, power with the likes of car tuner chips - all relatively low cost.

Know the parts

If you are modifying your car, you better have an idea of the parts you are updating. Know the purpose of every part you use for car performance upgrades. That way, you can ensure you are doing the right thing for your vehicle, and ensuring you don’t actually cross any borders into illegal modifications. Take, for instance, a car remap. Before remapping your car, you should know this is a permanent change to the ECU. As such, it will likely void your warranty if you have a lease car.

Know the basic upgrades

When it comes to car performance upgrades, one of the easiest places to start is the exhaust system. You can improve your intake with the likes of a cone type or open type intake system. Likewise, a full exhaust systems with less cats and bends can add another 10bhp to your car.

Go for reputable manufacturers

You can buy anything online today, but you don’t want to buy cheap kit to modify your car to cost more in the way of repairs. When it comes to car performance upgrades, only go to the best. For instance, be wary of car modifications shops that don’t display testimonials or have a proven track record of delivering to customers. The likes of car tuner chips can be found online at fairly cheap prices. However, in some cases, the box doesn’t contain the correct kit to temporarily alter the ECU, leaving you with, essentially, a useless box.

Always tune your car when modifying

Tuning boxes unleash hidden potential in your vehicles. If you’ve gone through the trouble of updating the exterior of your car and the exhaust system etc, don’t stop there. Placing a tuning box in your car can vastly improve power, as it alters the signal between the ECU and fuel injection system. Therefore, you are getting way more torque and is, almost, essential for car performance upgrades. Never overlook tuner chip car parts - particularly with fuel injected vehicles.

Consider your wheels

High-quality wheels are well worth your investment. However, bear in mind that a brand new set of wheels can change the handling of your car. It is advised you stick to they tyres and wheels that are approved by your manufacturer, and are proven to work.

Ask if it's permanent

In most cases, car modifications do not have to be permanent. Anything from tuner car parts to bolt-on parts such as exhaust systems and more can be removed when it comes to selling your car, or even returning if your vehicle is on a lease. Always keep check of what you have installed and upgraded to ensure you are not cut short.


Void your warranty

If you’ve got a car on lease (and most of us have), try not to void your warranty - you’ll be in for a sharp shock when you return the car if you do. The likes of a car remapping are irreversible. The nature of a remap is to permanently alter the ECU signal to the fuel injection cylinders, therefore increasing power. If you are looking for temporary solutions, we suggest a car tuning box which can be removed without any trace.

Add unnecessary body kit

Remember your car’s capabilities. Not only does too many modifications make your car look like a rejected extra from Fast & Furious, but it adds to the overall weight of the car. Likewise, don’t ass any car performance upgrades you are unlikely to use. They might look good but you are burning money…


There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to car performance upgrades. However, if you do the right research on your specific car, speak to experts - from car modifications shops and the like - you are set to go.

If you would like to harness the potential of your car and discuss tuning boxes, get in touch with our team today.