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Aftermarket modifications that will increase your car’s value

Once you’ve got the car you’ve been researching, test driving and dreaming of - you can start thinking about making it your own. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time in your vehicle, so you might as well increase the power, body kit and the like. While the aftermarket car parts industry is booming, and can significantly increase the look of your car; some aftermarket products can reduce the value.

Car upgrades and aftermarket modifications are subjective. You might think your spoilers are fantastic, others may not. Dealers know that and, if at some point you are looking to trade in your car, too many car modifications can substantially reduce the value of your car. With that in mind, we’re sharing some tips on car performance and the mods that are worth the money.


When it comes to long journeys and spending plenty of time in the vehicle, you won’t find better car upgrades than a good audio system. If there’s one thing that can increase the value of your car, it’s great speakers. We’re not talking massive subwoofer in the back, but a premium audio system. Plenty of people use the audio in the car to make calls - whether for business or personal - and updating the audio system can massive enhance their driving experience. Likewise, aftermarket car parts for the audio improve the sound quality. This is an aftermarket modification that is more than worth the money.

Car Audio.

Air filters

One of the quickest and cheapest car upgrades are your air filters. When it comes to aftermarket car parts, there are loads to choose from - both throwaway and washable - which can substantially improve car performance. A clogged air filter can reduce the air intake to your engine, effectively reducing the power and the car’s capabilities. Aftermarket modifications featuring the air filter can prove cheap and extremely responsive.

Likewise, an air filter alone may not help and your car might have an inefficient air intake system. If that is the case, you may need to look at air intake kits with a direct air intake flow to enhance power. These kits are usually cheap and can be done by yourself with only a few tools and a matter of minutes.

All season tyres

There’s no denying that your tyres are essential, and aftermarket car parts for your wheels can prove a potential boon for your vehicle. All season tyres are one of the new trends for the automotive industry. What used to be a novel concept for us in the UK is becoming popular, with drivers now keen for aftermarket products that can cut it in all weathers.

All season tyres can handle the coldest winter and wet, with the ability to also tackle a dry and hot summer like nothing you’ve seen before. The right tyre can improve handling, driving experience, fuel economy and even reduce the wear and tear of a vehicle. If you are looking for car upgrades, we recommend starting with the tyres and doing your research.

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Tuning box

A tuning box is one of the greatest aftermarket car parts (and we are not biased). If you want to unlock the potential of your vehicle’s engine, you need car tuner parts. When it comes to the engine, many manufacturers do not tune it to the car’s full potential - particularly if they have a sportier model soon to be released. However, tuning boxes - for both petrol and diesel cars - enable you to get the power and performance of the next model up in the range or, even in some cases, two cars up.

The tuning box works by altering the signal between the ECU and the fuel cylinders, encouraging the cylinders to inject more fuel. Therefore, you’ve got a load more power and torque underneath the bonnet. Likewise, this is one of the more efficient car upgrades as you can increase fuel economy. If you have a better throttle response, there will be fewer revs which means you don’t burn through the petrol/diesel as much as you would have previously.

Another reason this is one of our top aftermarket products is that you can remove the box without a trace. A car engine remap may provide you with the same effects, but is permanent and can void your warranty. On the other hand, your car will return back to standard as soon as you remove the car tuner parts.

GPS tracking

Thieves are becoming more sophisticated, and it pays to be vigilant - especially when looking to sell your car. A GPS tracking device is a worthy investment, with some able to record the vehicle’s full driving history and work for a number of days without charging. Plus, you can download the relevant app that will alert you to any disturbances or if your vehicle has been moved. This is one of the aftermarket car parts we would recommend in general, even if you are not looking to sell your car.

For the most part, aftermarket modifications and car upgrades are personal; others will like what you don’t and vice versa. Essentially, the car upgrades are for your benefit, and not the next owners - so expect that some modifications could even reduce the value. However, if you would like to read more on our tuning box products, you can do so here.

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