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Monthly Archives: September 2018

  • How to take your car performance to a new level

    For some, the car that rolls off the assembly line just doesn’t deliver on speed. That never-ending quest for the top speed is something most of us can’t shake. However, the big question is where to start with your car performance. Every make and model will have different engine performance capabilities and require specific modifications. Luckily, we’re going through the ins and outs of improving car performance and the aftermarket car parts that will significantly increase speed.

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  • What does the future of the auto industry look like?

    Today, the likes of tuning boxes and car performance chips are enjoying their time in the spotlight - particularly as they are relatively easy and cheap car performance upgrades. However, the future of the auto industry is starting to look ‘techy’. When it comes to automotive industry news, tech giants, Google and Apple are dominating. The two heavyweights have been attempting to get their foot in the door of the car industry news for some time, and 2018/19 might just be when they do it.

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  • Every common tuning box question answered

    When it comes to car modifications, car engine tuning is up there with the biggest and best. The process of altering the ECU signal to inject more fuel into the cylinders is popular - especially as you are guaranteed more torque and power. However, when it comes to the best diesel tuning box and chips for petrol vehicles, there’s a whole load of misleading information available.

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  • Aftermarket modifications that will increase your car’s value

    Once you’ve got the car you’ve been researching, test driving and dreaming of - you can start thinking about making it your own. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time in your vehicle, so you might as well increase the power, body kit and the like. While the aftermarket car parts industry is booming, and can significantly increase the look of your car; some aftermarket products can reduce the value.

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